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After Amsterdam I flew to Stockholm the following week to see my family again. I had the best time possible, with blue skies, sun and lots of time with the people I love so dearly. After hearing what happened to this wonderful city on Friday my hearts is a little bit extra heavy this weekend but at the same time I'm so immensely proud and moved by how people have embraced and helped each other and those around them. I'm sending all my thoughts and love to my hometown; beautiful, beautiful Stockholm.

Two Days in Amsterdam

With Viktor & Rolf in Amsterdam

I know these photos are being published quite late since this actually happened in the middle of March but because I then flew off to Stockholm, Milan and had to do a bunch of other jobs there in between I haven't gotten around to putting it all together until now. Despite the fact that this is a post with photos from a few weeks ago, I hope that you're still able to enjoy them.

Viktor & Rolf flew us over to Amsterdam to experience their new wedding dress collection (I know, I'm not anywhere near marriage but who would say no to drooling over gorgeous Viktor & Rolf dresses for a few days?). I've never been to Amsterdam before, or been in a room where wedding dresses are being tried on so two new things to tick off my bucket list I guess!

I have to say that Amsterdam wasn't what I had expected at all – first of all it was super sunny and warm (just kidding) and secondly, it was a quite dangerous city. Or perhaps this was just me not understanding their way of handling the traffic. I was probably almost hit by bikes, scooters and cars every single second and both Ylenia and I had to save each other on numerous times. Perhaps this would get better after understanding how in the world this traffic works. Anyway, besides almost getting ran over by annoyed bicyclists we had a terrific time and the highlight was definitely the beautiful experience together with (and meeting!) Viktor & Rolf. The dresses were all out of this world and seeing (and holding) them up close just made me realise how much work actually went into them. I've always seen Viktor & Rolf as dreamers and what else would you want on your wedding day but a dress made by two dreamers? I'll definitely bookmark this in my head if my big day ever comes along in the future. Thank you again Viktor & Rolf.

Photos by: me & Ylenia

Paris Fashion Week

Parisian venues


Here we go again... 

I know I've said this before but nowadays it feels like fashion week happens almost every other week. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I love this time of the year but now it feels like it's almost just ended or right about to begin every single month. Maybe this could be because the preparations start so far in advance and the work sometimes lasts weeks afterwards. Either way, I'm always excited when it's time for this period to start again and this time was no different. My first show of the season was Lanvin by Bouchra Jarrar and the pretty colour palette (I mean look at all of that white and pink) and elegant pieces did not disappoint. There were so many things I wanted from this collection (like that black power suit, which you can see in the video to the left here for example).


What happened?

It's so lovely to see so many familiar faces, look at the most beautiful garments and sip champagne together with friends while visiting new boutiques (I mean this is the glamorous part of fashion week, I can tell you about the not so glamours parts later on) but unfortunately the weather gods decided to play a joke on us and have Paris show itself from its worst side possible. During the week we had non-stop rain, wind and terribly grey weather, which is greeaat for anyone wearing strappy heels or trying to make your hair look okay for more than five minutes. I know, I know, these are so not any real issues (don't worry, I'm fully aware of that) but nevertheless a tiny bit annoying. To get in a better mood the beautiful Rochas collection can be watched over and over again, to the right just here.

I hope you enjoy a few photos and video snaps from this week and fancy getting a little peek into what a week during Paris Fashion Week can look like. What's not shown here though are the less glamorous parts of the week that I previously mentioned, since I don't think you'd appreciate seeing photos of my soar bleeding feet after walking for 30 minutes (I'm not joking, it still hasn't healed haha) to avoid a traffic jam in the most painful heels I've ever worn, the war zone my apartment resembles at the moment or the tomato stains in my kitchen after having a little mishap and not enough time to clean it up. Let's keep the photos and stories to pretty shoes and gorgeous venues don't you think?

One of my favourite experiences during the week was getting to go backstage together with Dior Makeup (which you can see more from right here) right before the Dior show started but a few other highlights were also getting to cosy up next to Gigi Hadid (I did not intend for this to happen but apparently she doesn't want to take a photo by herself), seeing the Chanel rocket ship take off inside the Grand Palais, playing around in the photo booth together with Peter Philips himself and squeezing in a little burger and fries break together with the best of friends whenever possible. 

For all outfit details, please click here

...And then Louis Vuitton ended this time in the most spectacular way possible. After seeing fashion shows taking place in Cannes, happening in an old castle in the middle of the English countryside and rocket ships taking off inside the Grand Palais it is possible to become a bit numb towards this experiences but that's why you have to pinch yourself every now and then to realise where you are and what you actually get to experience. The Louis Vuitton show was one of these moments for me. Nicolas Ghesquière showed the collection inside an empty Louvre just as the sun was setting (and showing itself for the first time that week) over Paris, among iconic sculptures and with Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" playing on the highest volume while Nicolas' creations walked through the museum. I sat there with goosebumps all over my arms and tried to take as much of it in as I possibly could. I never want to forget that moment.

Until next time PFW!

Photos by: Hana Lê Van, Ylenia Cuéllar and myself


Total look: Dior

Before the Dior show by Maria Grazia Chiuri took place this season during Paris Fashion Week, I got the opportunity to go backstage and meet the makeup genius behind Dior Makeup, Peter Philips. If you've ever been backstage you know how crazy this can be, how many things goes on at the same time and how many people run around among models, press and photographers. In the midst of this craziness I got to sit down together with Peter to discuss what he had in mind for the show and a few other topics. By the way, people always say "don't meet the people you admire because you might be disappointed" but this was most definitely not the case when meeting Peter – I've never met someone sweeter. Want to know what we chatted about? Ok, this is what I can remember after suffering a small chock after meeting one of my idols:

Can you tell me anything about the look that you're creating for the show?
Peter: It's actually a very natural look, which is almost like "the day after" kind of look. You know that leftover makeup that you don't really see when you wake up, but then when you wipe your eyes with a q-tip there's still some there. For the skin I used the Dior Forever Perfect Cushion foundation. Gentle, subtile eyebrows created with a pen for a very natural look. For lips we used the Sugar Scrub and the Lip Glow for a soft and glowy effect and for lashes the new Diorshow Pump and Volume mascara. The girls are wearing berets for the show and the collection is quite dark so we need to be thoughtful about the makeup look since it comes a big statement with almost anything that we do; if we would do a dark lip for example it would all of a sudden become quite gothic, if we would do a smokey eye it would become something else, and with an eyeliner a bit retro.

How would you describe the ultimate Dior girl?
Peter: There are so many words for this but she always love herself as a woman. 

If you had two pick one or two Dior products that you could not live without, which products would it be?
Peter: For now it's for sure the new Diorshow Pump and Volume mascara and the Sugar Scrub

Is there a makeup trend out there that you wish never became popular?
Peter: For me they're all kind of amazing but it just depends on how you wear it yourself, you have to make it your own. I could maybe say too much shading and highlighting but when it's well done it can look amazing as well but when it's badly applied, when it's too much or too little it can look less good... 

If there's anything every woman should think about when applying our makeup what would it be?
Peter: Balance it out. Some girls need more, some girls don't need more. Make sure you've put on enough makeup and make sure you haven't put on too much makeup. Try out new things, test products, you can make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and remember to evolve. Your makeup should always evolve with your face because what looks good on you when your 20 years old might not look as good on you when your 40 years old. Sometimes girls get too used to a certain look. That's the fun part of makeup as well, you can do so many different things with it.

Video by: Ylenia Cuéllar – Music by: "Holding back" SG Lewis ft. Gallant

Green Ivy

Nina Ricci dress
Charlotte Olympia clutch
Nina Ricci dress

Dress: Nina Ricci – Clutch: Charlotte Olympia – Shoes: Carolina Herrera – Ring: Katkim

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the prestigious César Awards here in Paris to celebrate French cinema (and also to breathe the same air as George Clooney – just sayin'). I wore this green (which made me feel like I want to wear green more often) Nina Ricci number that I absolutely fell in love with for the occasion together with the cutest Charlotte Olympia clutch.

Photos of me by: Hana Lê Van