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Sunny weekend in Paris, picking up pretty props for upcoming shoots, looking out over a rainy Place Vendôme from The Ritz and goodies from the Louis Vuitton presentation. Weekend rituals at Café Oberkampf, my favourite Jardin du Luxembourg, more gorgeous blooms and streets that make me have to stop for a photo. The cutest Parisian cafés, roses for my dad's and sister's birthday, Café de Floré with a Roger Vivier beauty and this magical little think from the Hermès presentation. See more on Instagram!

A morning with Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier

For the last couple of years (ever since moving to Paris actually) I've been obsessing over Roger Vivier and their delightful shoes and accessories. The first item that ever caught my eye? Their iconic flats that I can't seem to get out of my head (and now it's been at least three years already). Since then I've fallen in love with quite a few pieces and this love story won't be coming to an end anytime soon if I'll have it my way. Because of this, the morning I got to spend together with Inès de la Fressange inside the Roger Vivier flagship boutique was extra special to me and it was a delight to dive deeper into the brand's history through Inès' stories. Who else can say that they personally knew Mr. Vivier himself and once promised to bring life back into the brand after his passing? Today Inès de la Fressange is balancing a million different roles at the same time – she's a timeless style icon for every French woman walking the streets of Paris, the creator of her own brand, the writer of her own newsletters and of course, the ambassador for Roger Vivier. ...And who could ever think of a better match for Roger Vivier, a brand living and breathing the French "je ne sais quoi" when it comes to beautiful accessories and footwear. 

If you ever have the chance I highly suggest stopping by the Roger Vivier store in Paris since it's more than just a store. Why do I say that? Not only because it's pink of course (despite what you might think) but because it feels like a (dream) living room, decorated with real artwork, beautiful furniture and fashionable accessories. During my morning together with Inès and the brand I also had the opportunity to visit her incredible office (and when I say incredible this time I really mean it). If anyone is ever looking for inspiration, this is probably the place you would think about. My eyes couldn't focus and couldn't decide on whether or not to focus on old photos of Inès and Mr. Vivier himself, candy spread out over the table along with gorgeous roses, images cut out of Michelle Obama, the picture of Dali Lama on the mantle or old archive pieces from the Roger Vivier collection. Needless to say, I think I understand where she gets all of her inspiration from now – it's like a candy store for the eye! 

I'm happy and honoured to have been welcomed into the Roger Vivier family with open arms and to have discovered more things about the brand I had no idea about when I first started to admire their classic ballerina shoes (did you know that Mr. Vivier designed shoes for Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve for example?). Today his designs live on thanks to Bruno Frisoni (creative director at Roger Vivier) and the man behind so many of my recent shoe crushes (insert monkey emoji covering its eyes here). Thank you again for having me, I can't wait to return. 

Paris Fashion Week, Part II



Glitter at Elie Saab

I know that this post is a little bit delayed but that is due to a very lovely trip to Rome and giving myself the weekend to rest up a little bit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little flashback to Paris Fashion Week.

Over here to the right you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the Elie Saab show (which I barely made it to due to Parisian traffic) full of supermodels like Gigi, Karlie and Romee. And glitter of course! And who can resist a little bit of glitter every now and then? That's probably the reason as to why I also fell in love with the gorgeous Roger Vivier shoes, which you can see above, at their presentation. One day I hope they'll be mine. They're so pretty I can't get them out of my head...  


A day of presentations...

During fashion week there's not only shows happening at different venues around town, there's also presentations and meetings filling up the calendar. Since I couldn't be at Carolina Herrera's show in New York I was so happy to see the clothes up close and personal at their presentation here in Paris. You probably could have left me in this show room and I wouldn't have minded at all. Going to the Oscar de la Renta showroom was also a little pinch-me moment for me since I've been in love with this brand ever since I was first introduced to the brand as a teenager watching every second of Sex and the City religiously. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Saunders, who's taken over the creative direction at DVF while visiting their showroom in Le Marais as well as popping by the Georges Hobeika showroom to lust over sparkly dresses.

Data Center Chanel

Another dream come true is always to attend the Chanel show. My very first Chanel show was their Haute Couture show this summer (which you can see more of in my previous posts: I, II and III) and this was my very fist Ready-to-Wear show together with the brand.

The Chanel Ready-to-Wear shows are always a spectacular event. One season they transformed Grand Palais into a grocery store, another year into a demonstration site, a Parisian street, an all-white carrousel, airport... And the list goes on and on. Working as a set designer for these events must be the most stressful and exciting jobs ever! 

This year Chanel made the Grand Palais look like a data central and opened the show with two models in robot gear walking down the runway. You can see more from the show by clicking play on the little video here to the right if you want to. 


Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière

Paris Fashion Week always ends with the Louis Vuitton show for me. A show that I always look forward to each season. Nicolas Ghesquière has changed and created so many trends and a new ways to dress ever since taking over the position as creative designer for Louis Vuitton. It's always incredible to see what he comes up with each season and then to see how people translate this into everyday wearable fashion. 

This season was no different. I've already made a mental note about those awesome iPhone cases that went down the runway during the show – I'm pretty sure this will be the new craze when it comes to street style next season (which will come around sooner than you think).

Paris Fashion Week, Part I

Paris Fashion Week

So Paris Fashion Week is once again officially over. When I first started in this industry it felt like these weeks were so far apart but I'm beginning to feel as though they actually take up most of the year (which technically isn't true of course). As always this is an incredibly busy time and during these few days I barely have time to sleep, eat, check in with my family or keep up with my emails. Since then I've also managed to spend a few days in Italy and I'm already on my way back to Paris. Phew! But let's rewind a little bit and take a look at what happened during Paris Fashion Week. This time I'm even sharing a few videos from the week with you all since I thought this could be a fun way to see more from the week and the shows. Just click play and pretend as though you're bumping elbows with Anna Wintour and entering the Dior show with you're little Diorama bag on your arm. 


Bouchra Jarrar's Lanvin debut

Even though people are complaining (myself including) about having to run around and not having a minute to spare, this is such an exciting time I wouldn't want to trade it away anyway (well, maybe for a Nutella crêpe...).

One of the shows I was the most excited about and a show that fortunately happened earlier during this period was Bouchra Jarrar's debut at Lanvin. Ever since Alber left this position I've been wondering who were destined to take over and once Jarrar's name was announced I started looking forward to this show. I attended her own Haute Couture show a while back and ever since I thought this could be a very interesting fit. And I don't think I was proven wrong. 


Oh Paris you stunner... 

One of the things that I love the most about fashion week in Paris are the magnificent locations. No where else in the world can you find these incredible places. Lanvin treated me to my first visit ever inside Hotel de Ville, Paule Ka showed their collection inside the greenhouse of Jardin des Plantes (which made me feel as though I entered the jungle in the middle of Paris for a few minutes), Rochas at Palais de Tokyo and Chanel inside the Grand Palais, to mention a few. 

This season was my first time at the Rochas show, which is a show I've been wanting to go to for ages. The subtle yet colourful colour palette was everything I had imagined and more. You can see more from the show by pressing play on the video on here to the right. Enjoy! 

Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior

If this was anything, it was the season of debuts and changes (and Vogue sums it up for you right here if you're feeling a little lost and confused). Bouchra Jarrar for Lanvin, Anthony Vaccarello for YSLPierpaolo Piccioli's first solo collection for Valentino and then Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut at Christian Dior of course. Let's not forget about this last one! Since I've had a close relationship together with Dior for quite sometime now these were news I waiting for more eagerly than anything else and once they finally broke, I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for the brand. 

Did the collection feel a little bit Valentino? Yes. But was it beautiful? Of course. Just as a friend mentioned, this might also just be Maria Grazia Chiuri's signature style, coming with her and translating into pieces for Dior instead of at her previous work. You can judge for yourself after having a look at a few pieces here to the left. My favourite part of the runway show? When Beyonce's song Flawless started playing with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's words echoing throughout the whole venue. Goosebumps! 

Happy Diamonds

Happy Diamonds by Chopard
Happy Diamonds by Chopard

Jewellery: Chopard's "Happy Diamonds" collection – Skirt: Razan Alazzouni – Top: Zara

Fashion week has been pretty stressful so far (and it didn't help that I came down with a fever and sore throat on the very first day...) but I'm still standing and enjoying every minute of this hectic and intense period. If you want to see more, you can follow along on Instagram (plus Instagram Stories of course) and Snapchat. I'm going to need to sleep for a whole day after this! 

Photos of me: Hana Le Van (editing by me)

Cap-Ferrat in September, II


You didn't think it was over already, did you? Good, because there are more photos coming your way! As I previously said, I think I returned with about 5,000 new iPhone photos and 3,000 photos on my camera (insert appropriate emoji here)... So I definitely hope you're not bored just yet. Besides spending a few lovely moments at the beautiful Four Seasons Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat we also got to explore the area around Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat a little bite more. I've been to the French Riviera many times before but I've never managed to make it to these places so I was extra happy about getting to see these gorgeous sites. So grab a pen and paper (or maybe it's more appropriate to say "save the link" or "take a screenshot" nowadays...) to make sure that you don't forget about these places if you ever happen to plan something in the area!

I've heard so many things about this place and I've seen a crazy amount of photos on Instagram and online of this pastel pink palace so I was so excited to finally visit it for myself during this trip. We unfortunately didn't have a lot of time here (you can easily spend a whole day strolling around the house, the different gardens and have a little break in the tea salon) but we definitely made the most of it. 

I'm guessing that this is what heaven looks like for anyone with a soft spot for pastel colours or anything that looks adorable. It's so hard walking around this beautiful place without wanting to set up photo shoots in every single corner. There's so much beauty and inspiration I think I could stay forever. Yes, in a matter of fact, I think I'd like to move in! Oh yes, please send all of my future mail to my new address in this case: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. It might be a bit of a long daily commute to Paris though... Hmm.

We also managed to squeeze in a little visit and car ride around Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat and cute hidden gems around this area. There are so many places, little towns and beaches to see along the coast of the French Riviera that I never think I'll be able to see them all. I love that even though you've been hundreds of times, there's always something new to see and to visit. This little town captured my heart completely and I will definitely try to return in the near future. It's too cute for words and might be what I'll dream about during the next couple of nights... 

In between working, shooting and visiting all of these different places we managed to make time for a few minutes by the pool in the early morning sunshine. The mornings and evenings are definitely a bit chillier during late September but during the days the weather is absolutely perfect. It's not too cold and not so warm that you feel as though it's hard to breathe. The sea was the perfect temperature (and next time I'm most certainly going for a little snorkling trip!) and so was the pool. We felt so taken care of and wanted to hold on to the sun-beds instead of leaving to the airport when it was time to go back home again.

Another little gem that I've been dying to visit forever now was Paloma Beach. Apparently the word has gotten out which now means that you most likely will have to make sure your name is on a waiting list if you want to get your hands on one of those sun-beds during busier times of the year, but I kind of understand why when it looks this pretty. Hidden among trees and perfectly situated with the most beautiful view you'll find this little beach which I will return to one day. Just to relax, read a magazine (and also take another 1,000 photos of course).

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The people who know me knows that I feel the best when I have water close by. I guess that's why I'm so in love with days and evenings along the Seine, going away for little weekends just to get a glimpse of the sea or flying further away for a proper holiday by the ocean... Don't get me wrong, I love a good pool but there's something special about the sea (special meaning something that scares the bejesus out of me at the same time as I can't get enough of it). I loved the fact that our hotel had this private little access to the sea where we could be completely alone with no one else around us. Dreeeaaamy. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little escape, I know I certainly did and that I can try to remember these calm moments by the water when running between meetings, shows and presentations now that fashion week is going on in full force here in Paris. I think I need to start planning a return to this place already...

Photos of me: Hana Le Van (editing by me)

Cap-Ferrat in September, I


As you might have seen, if you follow along on Instagram for example, I've been spending the last couple of days on the French Riviera, Cap-Ferrat to be precise. Even though it was a short and a quite intense trip I had the most wonderful time ever, probably because this place is absolutely magical and I can't even imagine having anything else besides an incredible time here. I hope you've enjoyed the photos I've been sharing through Instagram and the little videos through their new feature Instagram Stories, but it's not over yet! I hope these photos from where we stayed during our little getaway will make you dream away for a short while, just like I'm doing right now... Oh, to be next to that clear blue sea again, eating watermelon and cooling off in the pool. 

During our time in Cap-Ferrat we stayed at the gorgeous Four Seasons Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, which is where I've also taken these photographs. There's no need to explain why I ended up with 5,000 new photos on my iPhone after this trip, right? Every single corner of this place was absolutely magical. We stayed in a beautiful suite, overlooking the blue sea and where we were lucky enough to wake up to this beautiful sunrise every single morning. Not too shabby if I can say so myself. 

From the hotel we walked down to the "beach" (I'm calling it a beach since I don't know the proper word for this sort of "rock beach" – if anyone has any ideas, feel free to educate me since this could be a good word to know, haha) each morning and continued down to the sea, passing the beautiful pool area to enjoy that crystal clear water. Surprisingly it wasn't too cold and we actually managed to go for a little swim (and get drenched in the waves crashing up against the shore). It's incredible that this place is just a little bit over an hour's plane ride away from Paris...

Our beautiful suite was, just like the rest of the hotel, decorated in shades of white and minty greens – which I have to say is a personal favourite when it comes to colour combinations – and decorated with delicate flowers. We didn't spend too much time in the room since, well, I guess it's pretty obvious when you see the rest of the photos of the sea and of the gorgeous pool area... But if we would have stayed longer I would have loved to curl up under that huge duvet and do nothing but enjoying the room for a whole afternoon.

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I feel like I've travelled quite a bit throughout my life so far and I've seen a couple of hotels around the world but I have to say that when I took the first few steps into the pool area of the Four Seasons Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat my jaw dropped to the floor. I don't even think that my photos will do this place justice but I truly hope that you'll get to see this with your own eyes one day because it's honestly absolutely beautiful. I'm guessing that the hotel might be a bit busier during high season (meaning June, July and especially August) and that's why I loved spending a few days in September here since it was so calm, serene and we almost had the whole place to ourselves. My goal will from now on will definitely be to make this into a yearly tradition.

Photos of me: Hana Le Van (editing by me)