Paris in Four Months


Paris Fashion Week

Today was my first day at Paris fashion week and it didn’t disappoint. You don’t necessarily notice that it’s fashion week in Paris if you’re not in the part of the city where the madness is currently taking place (and yes, after today I can for sure say that it really is madness). People are always talking about the chaos going on backstage, but I think it’s chaos everywhere.

Since this was my first day at an international fashion week I decided to observe from afar. And I must admit that it was quite fun to just look at all the craziness going on. I couldn’t help myself from laughing out loud at some times.

The street style photographers were running like crazy, back and forth, to make sure that they got the best possible shot of just the right details. And since street style has gotten so super popular there is just popping up more and more photographers!

The second thing that ads to the madness is the guests, of course. Most of them (weather they like to admit it or not) are dressing to get noticed. They pose for several minutes, turning, twisting, smiling and walking  just so that the perfect picture will be taken. And it’s very fun to observe from afar. 

It’s also so much fun to see what everyone is wearing and how the women can (or can’t) walk on the gravel in those 12 cm heels. There are so many pretty things and details to look at, and at least as many crazy things… But they say that fashion is supposed to be fun, and it really was!

Although there was one person who got the most attention for sure today, and that was Katy Perry who decided to stop by the Viktor & Rolf fashion show. Luckily, for the photographers, she is currently sporting a blue hairdo, so she’s quite hard not to notice. Despite the super cold weather today I had a great time and I can’t wait for my next visit! Perhaps I will dear to come closer to the madness then… I just hope that I wont get run over (by people that is).