Paris in Four Months


My Not So Favourite...

You always talk about and mention your favourite places in a new city and you easily forget (or deliberately avoid) to bring up the places you don’t like that much. In the heart of Paris I find it quite hard not to love every single thing, the city is just fantastic in that way, but I have managed to find some places I’m not that crazy about. But I guess this isn’t that weird, there are always places that will speak to you more than others.

My first “not so favourite” place is Avenue des Champs-Élysées. I realize that this is many peoples image or symbol of Paris, and I’m sorry for ruining that image, but I like to avoid it as much as possible. It’s a beautiful Avenue but for me it’s way too crowded and touristy. Although I like it more after you pass the Franklin D. Roosevelt crossing and are on your way to Place de la Concorde. Then the stores disappear and you can walk (relatively undisturbed) along the grand sidewalks lined with trees.

My second “not so favourite” place is the beginning of Boulevard Saint-Michel, the part closest to Notre Dame. This is simply because I always think it’s too crowded, too many tourists and not that great shops, cafés or restaurants. I always have to zick zack between all the people and tourists (I’m aware of the fact that I am one of them but I try to ignore this…), stopping in the middle of the streets for a little talk or a map check.

Of course this is just my personal opinion and everybody (luckily) likes and dislikes different things. And in Paris even the “not so favourite” parts of the city are still pretty great.