Paris in Four Months


Today's Sweet

Speaking of Ladurée… I picked up some macarons the other day since I wanted to try some new (and old favourite) flavours! This time I found the cutest box as well! The flavours I tried this time were: pistache, fleur d’oranger, café, framboise, caramel and fleur des cerises.

You can see my three favourite flavours above, which were: pistache (which I never thought that I would like), caramel and framboise. The fleur d’oranger tasted way too artificial for me and so did the fleur des cerises. I already knew that I love the caramel and the framboise, those two are always safe choices. One thing that I think is tremendously important when it comes to macarons though is: eat them the same day! The difference is huge (I just realized)…