Paris in Four Months


Cameras In Paris

When you’re walking around with a camera in your hand (trying to capture things you would like to share or remember later on) in this city you have to put up with a couple of things, I’ve now learned. Since the city is packed with tourists, all carrying around their cameras, I though the Parisians would be more used to this phenomenon, but apparently I was wrong. Or perhaps that’s the problem — just because you’re carrying a camera around you must be looking for the Eiffel tower.

The people who seem to have the biggest interest in commenting on the fact that you’re taking photos of anything and everything are the older French men. So far I’ve had around 10 different older men pointing out to me that: “perhaps I’m looking for the Eiffel tower” (in French, bien sûr) when I’m taking a photo of something else. Apparently they can’t possibly understand why you would like to take a photo of a flower stand, market, street or something that isn’t Notre Dame or the Eiffel tower.

Sometimes people comment in the kinder way, giving you a little smile to make what they just said seem a bit more jokingly and sometime it’s just unnecessary comments in French that they think you could never understand… Now I don’t care anymore, I just can’t wait until my French allows me to come up with a witty answer to make their faces drop, just a little bit.

…And for those of you who have been asking: my camera is a Nikon D3100 with a 35mm 1:1.8G lens.