Paris in Four Months



Another huge department store here in Paris, right next door to Galeries Lafayette, is Printemps. And I must say that I prefer to visit this one. Even though Printemps is right next to Galeries Lafayette it’s not as crowded. Why, I don’t know since I think this one is so much better. Printemps may not have the same luxurious dome and gold balconies but I can trade that away any day of the week if it means that I can do my shopping in a less crowded space. I think there’s a bit more “modern luxury feel” inside Printemps.

Pros: Their jewelry department on the lowest floor is just like a candy store. Much less crowded — you don’t have to stand in several lines just to get into the different stores. Café Pouchkine, who has the best macarons I’ve ever tasted. Their gorgeous terrace.

Cons: It’s still quite crowded (although less in comparison to Lafayette). It takes forever to go up all those escalators to find the terrace. And I haven’t seen any sign of a food department?