Paris in Four Months


Behind the Scenes

Being a huge fan of the Sex and the City series (and the first movie) I thought it would be fun to share some of the locations featured in the episodes An American Girl in Paris - the episodes where Carrie moves to Paris with her russian love.

The first location being the luxurious Hôtel Plaza Athénée, where Bradshaw stays during her stay in Paris. It’s just as gorgeous in real life as you think it is on TV. The famous hotel has now even made it possible for you to enjoy Paris the Sex and the City way, with a special offer for the fans who dream about coming to the city of lights and to follow in Carrie’s (stiletto) footsteps. CLIP

The other location is the, by now, notorious Christian Dior boutique, located on the same street as the gorgeous hotel: Avenue Montaigne. Here Carrie makes her first attempt at shopping the Parisian way but fails miserably when she slips and falls in the middle of the shop… A scene that makes my worst nightmare come true! CLIP