Paris in Four Months


Chocolate Macarons

From the top down: Victor & Hugo, Ladurée, Pierre Hermé

From left to right: Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Hugo & Victor

I decided to once and for all see which pastry shop it is that has the very best macarons in Paris but it turned out to be harder than I thought. It all depends on what you want and what you prefer but I’ll make an attempt on this anyway (according to how I like them). First out is perhaps one of the most bought macarons — the chocolate one. And these are the results…

The winner? Pierre Hermé. One bite of this macaron and you have the chocolate flavour in your whole mouth. The chocolate flavour is a bit darker but so yummy. Usually the Pierre Hermé macarons are super over stuffed with the filling but here they’ve managed to control themselves a bit. Second place? Hugo & Victor. I think Hugo & Victor’s macarons have the best over all quality and taste but I must say, for just the chocolate macaron I preferred the Pierre Hermé flavour. The taste of the chocolate cream didn’t hit a home run for me. Last? Ladurée. This was just a disgrace… The chocolate filling was dry and hard. Either I got a macaron that had been laying in the display case for too long or perhaps they are usually just like that, but either way it was not that good.