Paris in Four Months


Caramel Macarons

From the top down: Pierre Hermé, Hugo & Victor, Ladurée and Café Pouchkine

From left to right: Hugo & Victor, Pierre Hermé, Ladurée and Café Pouchkine

This is the most important pastry battle for me so far since it’s about my all time favourite flavour: caramel! Mmm, I get hungry just thinking about them. Fortunately it is also one of the most known flavours here in Paris and almost every pastry shop has their own version of it. But now I know, for sure, which pastry shop all you caramel lovers should visit!

The winner? Hugo & Victor. All I can say is: yum. This is absolutely delicious and exactly what I want in a caramel macaron. The filling has a real caramel taste and the shell is just so light and airy. If you’re a caramel lover like me, you simply must give this one a taste! Second place? Café Pouchkine. The macarons this café does best are in my opinion caramel and caramel/chocolate. Their macarons are so different from all the others and so so good. They are softer and often times also more filled, but in a good way. For me, this café is obligatory while in Paris.

Third place? Ladurée. The caramel macaron from Ladurée is good. Not the best in my opinion but still good. Although sometimes it feels like they are so mass produced (which they probably are) and I don’t get that “made with love and care” feeling that I get from some of the others… Last? Pierre Hermé. Perhaps it’s just me but this is not the ultimate carmel macaron in my eyes. It’s okay but I would pick a caramel macaron from the other pastry shop before buying one from Pierre Hermé. My biggest problem with it is the filling; it’s too much and not real caramel.