Paris in Four Months


Pistachio Macarons

From left to right: Ladurée and Hugo & Victor

From left to right: Ladurée and Hugo & Victor

Our third pastry battle is between the pistachio macarons. Unfortunately I could only find this flavour at Ladurée and Pierre Hermé this time… Before I came to Paris I thought that this little pastry would taste the same, if I picked the same flavour, no matter where I bought them, but just look at the difference in the photos! It’s a big one. So now I’ve learned my leasson: they are all very different and you have to try to find your favourite.

The winner? Hugo & Victor. These two were very different but I prefer both the flavour and the “cookie part” of the pistachio macaron from Hugo & Victor. The shell is so airy and light and the flavour does not taste artificial at all, which I loove. Second? Ladurée. Here you get a more powerful pistachio flavour but the shell part doesn’t even compare to the macaron from Hugo & Victor. But if you want a more powerful flavour of pistachio, perhaps this is the one for you.