Paris in Four Months


Chocolate Caramel Macarons

From the top down: Pierre Hermé and Café Pouchkine

From left to right: Café Pouchkine and Pierre Hermé

My new found favourite flavour for macarons is the chocolate/caramel one. Unfortunately there are not that many pastry shops that offer it but I’ve managed to find two that does! Let the battle begin…

The winner? Café Pouchkine. Ok, this was really not hard at all. This might be one of the best macarons I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s so good and just the perfect blend between caramel and chocolate flavour. This café is simply a must when in Paris, especially if you like macarons. And second place? Pierre Hermé. This is not a bad macaron but it doesn’t keep the promise of a chocolate and caramel flavour. The chocolate is way too overpowering for me… I couldn’t even taste the caramel. And that’s a shame sine caramel flavour is my favourite.