Paris in Four Months


First Days in Paris

When I first came to Paris, in early February, I spent my first days in the city exploring my new home and my new neighbourhood. I had been in Paris three times before my move but for some reason I've never sat my foot on the little island Île Saint Louis in the middle of the Seine before, which was going to be my new home in Paris during the next couple of months.

I arrived in Paris when the weather was really cold. Almost exactly at the same time that so called "killer cold" came to Paris and the rest of Europe. Somedays it was even too cold to hold the camera upright in my hands. But despite that horrible cold Paris managed to charm me right away, and fortunately I felt like I was home within a couple of days.

I was really lucky to feel so at home right away, and I really hope that those of you who are thinking about moving to Paris, get to feel the same way too. These are some of my very fist photos that I took of the city.