Paris in Four Months


Moving to Paris?

In my little series about moving to Paris, we've now talked about planning your trip, making a budget and finding a neighbourhood that hopefully suits both you and your needs. Although more posts are still to come in this little series I thought I'd share what I did in the French capital and why I decided to go in the first place. So here you go!

Why Paris? Why Paris you might wonder... Well, let's just say that it wasn't a decision that came to me overnight. I initially planned to move to either Rome, Florence or Milano since I'd studied Italian for a couple of years and because my family and I have visited Italy since I was a little kid. But for some reason I ended up in Paris. Without know a single word of French.

I think the idea came to me when I made my third weekend trip to Paris in March 2011. I was just drawn to the city and its charm. It felt more modern and perhaps a bit more different to me than Italy did at the moment. When I came back from my trip (and after going back and forth a lot) I finally decided to start planning my move to the city of light.

It took a lot of encouragement from both family and friends since I'm a total control freak, but finally it was decided. I was moving to Paris during four months (and thereof the name of the blog) in the spring of 2012. Why I decided on four months was a mix of a little bit of everything I think... I was too scared to make a complete move and not having a going back date, although I wanted to stay longer than just a normal vacation. It was also a financial question for me since I didn't work while in Paris, I just wanted to enjoy the city.

What did you do? After I made my decision to actually take the chance and go, it was time to decide what I was going to do with my time in Paris. And since I didn't know a single word of French the choice was quite simple. I needed to learn the language! So while in Paris I went to the Accord language school, which suited me perfectly. You're placed in a group according to your own level (which for me was super, super beginner) so that you can learn as much as possible. After a while you can go up a level when the teacher feels you're ready. I learned so much, in such a short amount of time and my experience with the school was better than I ever could imagine.

I went to school during the mornings, from 09am to 1pm, which was great. With these hours you had time both to study and to see the beautiful city! It was a fantastic experience. Meeting all different kinds of people, from all over the world, who were all there for different reasons. You really learned a lot and got to meet so many different cultures and people.

How did it turn out? To come to Paris I had to quit my job, leave both boyfriend, family and friends at home — which at the moment almost felt impossible. But in the end it was all worth it. Four months turned out to not much shorter than I had imagined. The time just flew by. That's why I want to encourage all of you, who that are thinking about doing the same thing as me. And please, don't stress out (which I totally did by the way), it's easier than you think. You'll gain an experience for life and you'll hopefully want to do it all over again if you're anything like me. And that's why I am!