Paris in Four Months


Back From Paris

I'm back from a fantastic few days in Paris. I've enjoyed early morning walks to my local boulangerie on Île Saint Louis, visits to my very small épicerie (small grocery store in French) where the old man recognised me and asked me where I've been for so long. I've enjoyed meals at my favourite restaurants, walks along Parisian streets and some quality time with my beloved city (and boyfriend, of course).

Fortunately we caught Paris while the weather was more than we could have asked for. Some people say that Paris is more beautiful in the rain. Well... Let's just say that I don't totally agree with that. I love when the sun peeks out behind the gorgeous buildings and when it's almost too hot to keep your jacket on.

I strolled up and down as many small Parisian streets that I could find. And yes, I also got to indulge in gorgeous clothes, stunning shoes and unbelievable many accessories since fashion week had taken over the city. We also made a little visit to the Mondial de l’Automobile where my other half got to enjoy some eye candy of his own — but with a few more motors and wheels.

I tried to soak up every single minute of these gorgeous sunsets that I could see from my window overlooking the Seine. I enjoyed the sound of people talking and laughing on the streets downstairs.

When I stepped out of the taxi as we arrived on Île Saint Louis and got to take in a deep breath of the Parisian air, I felt at home. I'll be back as soon as I possibly can, and who knows, next time I'll probably only book a one way ticket.

Ah, I already want to go back...