Paris in Four Months


Terroir Parisien

Ever since I saw these photos for the first time, I've been dying to try out this new restaurant, called Terroir Parisien, located in the 5th arrondissement. The chef behind this new restaurant comes from a Michelin starred background, which made me hope for amazing food. The restaurant itself is gorgeous and the space is just amazing β€” high ceilings, great atmosphere and I must say that I got a little bit of a New York-ish feeling when I sat down.

On the other hand the food did unfortunately not live up to our expectations which was a shame because I was ready to love this place... Don't get me wrong, it was totally fine but fine isn't the word I would like to describe my dinner with. Perhaps this was just because we arrived 10 minutes before the kitchen was closing or perhaps they just had a so so night, you never know. But I'm open to go back to and try it again. Two things that didn't disappoint were at least the service and the desserts, and that's always something, right?