Paris in Four Months


Typical Day in Paris

One thing many people said they wanted to see more of was "Parisian everyday life", but of course that's a little bit hard to show you guys when I haven't moved back to Paris yet (yes, I'm counting down the days now...). Although I thought I could show you what a typical day used to looked like for me before I left the French capital. So here we go!

06.30: The alarm went off and I woke up to this beautiful view. In the beginning of the year it was so dark outside you could barely see the bridge but as time went by the mornings got brighter and brighter. During this time of day I could see the firemen getting their exercise done on the bridge below. A nice start to an early morning, right?

08.00: Breakfast time! My favourite meal of the day when you have the time to really enjoy it of course. I was too tired (read lazy) to get myself out to the boulangerie every single morning so I usually stocked up on yummy bread the night before. My breakfast usually consisted of what you see here above. No, not the healthiest breakfast you can find. But the yummiest for sure!

08.40: Since I lived on Île Saint Louis in Paris (the smaller island of the two in central Paris) I always had to cross at least one bridge to get anywhere, which really was a nice way to start any day. Walking by the beautiful Seine in a little bit of sunshine (if you were lucky) was everything I could ask for and more. To get to my school I either took the bus or the métro. The bus was calmer and had much nicer views and the métro was faster but often so so crowded...

10.00: During my four months in Paris I went to the Accord language school to study French. My class started at 09 am and continued until 1 pm with a little break at 11 am. During that little break you had time to run out and get yourself a little snack. The healthy choice: a croissant. The less healthy choice: a candy bar or a couple of cookies... Ha! It's hard to resist all the temptations that you'll encounter in the land of pastries.

13.30: When school finished it was time for lunch. I usually went back to my little apartment for a quick bite (since it was better for my wallet in the long run...) but sometimes I went out to eat lunch as well. Especially when spring arrived in Paris and you wanted to spend as much time as possible outside in the beautiful weather.

15.00: During the afternoons I could do whatever I desired to do. Ah, what a luxury! On a good and sunny day I usually meet up with some friends for a yummy ice cream at Pozzetto or a few pastries from the local boulangerie. Yes, I know what you're all thinking: "sweets again?!". Yes, you're right. To best enjoy these treats we found a park where we could chat about everything and nothing for hours and hours.

17.00: After I had spent some time in a park, at a café or by the Seine it was time to head home. If I ended up in the 1st arrondissement for example and needed to get back home I usually walked through the Louvre and along the Seine until I arrived at my little island. The perfect (but way to short and slow) walk to burn off those extra calories.

20.00: If the weather allowed it my favourite part of the day was to meet up some friends and have a picnic for dinner along the Seine. On the Quai d'Orléans or Quai de la Tournelle to be a little bit more precise. I loved the spring and summer evenings when it was warm enough to sit outside in a dress until 11 pm without being cold. A plus for me was that I didn't have to go that far to get back home afterwards either. Just perfect!

23.00: I never went to bed without looking out my window and saying good night to this beautiful view. I really tried to take it all in as much as I possibly could because I knew that I would regret it otherwise. Good night the most charming city on earth!


So there you have it! A typical (sunny) day in Paris during my four months.

P.s. And yes, after reading this I can see that I perhaps ate one or two sweets too much...