Paris in Four Months


Dinner at Le Dalí

Le Dalí is a restaurant which is located inside the absolutely gorgeous hotel Le Meurice in Paris. This is a hotel I've always wanted to visit so it had to be done while in Paris. Unfortunately the amazing atmosphere, glamourous cliental and spectacular interior were more impressive than the food itself... It was absolutely nothing wrong with our meal, I even enjoyed it quite a lot, but it wasn't "mind-blowingly-amazingly-good" or even as good as I was expecting it to be given the fact that you're dining in a five starred hotel, with a three starred Michelin restaurant next door.

Although now I'm sounding too negative! I had an amazing evening here and I have to say that the fantastic service, the live music and the ambiance totally made it worth our visit even though the food didn't knock my socks off. The fact that we also came here when Paris fashion week was still going on was a huge plus since there were so many interesting people around us that you easily could feast your eyes on.