Paris in Four Months


Cold Feet

Now when I've been away from Paris for quite some time I get a little bit nervous about returning. Why? I'm afraid that I won't like it as much as I think I do my head.

Before I made my first move to Paris I had the exact same feeling. Even though I've visited the city before I planned my move there I was still anxious and afraid that I had made up Paris to be more than it ever could be in my head… I was afraid that I had romanticised this beautiful, fantastic and absolutely wonderful city just a little bit too much for my own good. I was so afraid that I had made the wrong choice, that I would be super disappointed once I arrived and that my dream about Paris would be crushed.

When I arrived in Paris, in the beginning of what would become a few of the best months in my life, I loved the city, the people and everything else just as much as I had thought. If not more. It really was just as good as I had imagined it to be.

So why am I back to square one again? The same thoughts as before are running wild through my mind, just a couple of weeks before my move. "What if I don't like it anymore?", "Was it really that good?", "What will happen if it's a mistake?", "Are you really sure about this?", "How great can a city really be?". I can't seem to shake this feeling. And it doesn't get any better when your whole life is suddenly turned upside down and everything you thought you loved is gone...

So please, remind me why both you and I have fallen madly in love with this city? I think I need a little bit of help to cure my cold feet!