Paris in Four Months


Unexpected Trouble

Today I thought I'd be strolling through Paris, running a few errands here and there and just enjoying the city. Perhaps even taking a photo or two for you to see! Oh how wrong you can be... When I arrived at the apartment I had rented in St Germain (and that I had been dreaming about for almost six months now) yesterday I discovered that the apartment was in the worst condition ever. The smell of mildew hit you in the face as soon as you stepped inside, the bathroom looked like it hadn't been cleaned in over a century, there were holes in the walls and the paint was chipping off on almost every single wall in the place. Yes, I panicked.

During two days now, while taking in at a hotel in Paris I've desperately been running around town, looking for a place to stay and trying to get a hold of a million people, who apparently all are on holiday at the moment. Now I've found a little apartment in the 5th arrondissement that I can stay in for a month. Thank god! Then it's back to panicking again. Let's just say that this wasn't exactly what I had planned for myself.

So my (fun) Parisian adventure has been on hold for a little while. I hope you understand and can look forward to many more updates about life in Paris once I've settled in and taken care of a few things. Cross your fingers for me!