Paris in Four Months


Today's Buy

Nail Polishes by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) During the weekend my mom and I went for manicures at a little nail bar in the 7th arrondissement. While waiting for our appointments and watching other customers getting their nails done I noticed a little trend; all of the women left the nail bar with dark and very very short nails. When I asked the woman who did my nails about current "trends" and what's popular at the moment she of course told me that this was the case β€” short and dark. She took a look at my (medium long) nails, which at the moment were painted in a light peach/pink colour, and giggled:Β "That colour is very popular among the old ladies here in Paris!".

To sum things up, I'm now writing this with shorter (much shorter) nails painted in a very dark burgundy colour from Mavala which I bought immediately after my appointment.