Paris in Four Months


Unlucky Start

Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) Today I was going to tell you all about my day yesterday which was supposed to be my first "real" day in Paris. A day where I could run a few errands while taking a few photos, just enjoying the city and get the chance to breath for a minute. Well, I was wrong again.

My credit card didn't work for some stupid reason so I couldn't fix a French cellphone, I forgot the memory card to my camera back at the apartment so I couldn't take one single photo and then I didn't have any time left to go grocery shopping after standing in line all day. Annoying to say the least... For some reason it doesn't feel like Paris is too excited to have me back. Ever since I landed I've run into extra and unexpected problems. Hopefully that whole thing about 2013 being an unlucky year is just some stupid superstition, but you can't help but wonder when so many things are going wrong (well, let's say not exactly as you had imagined) at the same time.

Let's turn this around now! (I wouldn't mind if the cold and grey weather, as seen above, heard this as well)