Paris in Four Months


Valentine's Day in Paris

Love in Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) Soon it's Valentine's Day and even though I don't have a special someone to celebrate it with I'm kind of looking forward to it. I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day since it's just a way to bring a little extra love into our lives (says the hopeless romantic inside of me), so why not? Although when a person brings you flowers, sends a card or surprises you without it being any specific day or reason, that's the very best of all in my opinion.

Love in Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Anyways, I can imagine that there's a lot of couples madly in love on their way to Paris at the moment to celebrate this little occasion together in the city of love. So what can you do if you're in a couple on Valentine's Day in Paris?

•     Romantic dinner: What's a Valentine's Day without a romantic dinner? My pick for the evening would be Le Violon d'Ingres hands down. •     Love tour: Go on a guided tour around Paris in the name of love together with your own professional photographer. •     Dinner cruise: I've never done this but it sounds quite lovely, right? A candlelight dinner on the Seine... •     Modern love letter: Send a modern love letter to that special someone that might be displayed on screens all around Paris. •     Strolling: Stroll around Paris with your loved one and be sure to make a stop at Pont des ArtsPont de l'Archevêché and in Montmartre. •     Sparking Eiffel Tower: Watch the sparkling Eiffel Tower together! You'll get the best view from Place du Trocadero or Champ de Mars.

Love in Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

And what if you're single in this unbelievably romantic city on Valentine's Day? Well, I think it depends on your state of mind... If you're ready to face all that lovie dovie stuff or if you rather hide out until the day is over. Either way, here are a few suggestions on what to do:

•     The movies: If you want to hide out, go and see a great movie! Don't forget to stock up with a bunch of popcorn, yummy candy and other treats! •     Overindulge: Grab a table at your favourite pâtisserie and enjoy. A few great picks are: Ladurée, Angelina, Café Pouchkine or Un Dimanche à Paris. •     SPA day: Book a day at the SPA or have your own SPA day at home. Buy some pretty nail polishes, make yourself a nice foot bath and relax! •     Boat ride: Go on a lovely boat ride on the Seine and see Paris from a different angle. Pick a tour during the day or the evening. •     Dinner and drinks: Dress up, meet up with some friends and go for a few drink at any of these cool new bars. Have dinner together with friends and enjoy some girl talk! The best cure if you're having the blues about Valentine's Day in my opinion.

Love in Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

So wether you're in a couple or single on Valentine's Day in Paris there are always great things to do. And what about me? Well, I'll be celebrating this day of love together with some amazing new friends, dinner and drinks!