Paris in Four Months


Good Day

Ladurée by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) You know when you're having one of those good days that you never want to end? I (fortunately) had one of those great days today! I had two fun photo shoots (read more about my photo shoots here), and one of them was with the most adorable couple I've ever met. The very beautiful Ashley (check out her amazing blog by the way) was in Paris with her (now) fiance Alejandro and they wanted some photos to celebrate their engagement. As I'm a hopeless romantic this made me smile all day. They were even kind enough to give me this pretty little box of delicious macarons at the end of the tour as a thank you which really touched me, merci beaucoup guys!

That together with a new exciting offer and a great lunch really made my day and even though it started to rain on the way home I couldn't help but keep smiling and hum along to one of my favourite songs. Have a great weekend everybody!