Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Weekend reading by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) I'm absolutely exhausted after an intense fashion week, meetings and a couple of photo shoots this week. If I could choose anything to do this weekend it would be this. Sitting in my favourite arm chair in my apartment, nibble on something yummy while reading a book, surfing the web or watching a good series. Ah, finally! The weekend is here. How I've longed for you! Here's some good tips for weekend reading/surfing if you want to stay inside like me:

•   A site I always like to check out is The Coveteur. Especially their segment called "The Coveteurs" which includes getting a little peek inside the closet/homes of people in the fashion business. Beautiful photos and gorgeous clothes is never a bad combination! •   It's already March! How did that happen? Anyways, if you're going to Paris in March I think you should check out the HiP Paris blog and their post on everything happening in March as well as Little Pieces of Light and her post on the same topic. The haute couture exhibition is on my list. •   If you want more Paris images, some interior inspiration, to drool over some gorgeous men or other pretty things you should check out my Pinterest. Although it's so dangerous! I can spend hours on here... •   I absolutely fell in love with the make-up for the Chanel show (see it here) and the latest collection from Valentino (which you can see here). •   Another thing I fell in love with was this adorable and humorous video by Garance Doré called "This is Trending". How can you not love her? •   You probably know that Jamie Beck is one of my favourite photographers by now and when I saw her recent post on Oscar Night she made me remember why once again. That light, those details... Ah, just perfect. •   These gorgeous photos of the Parisian café Ten Belles by Alice Gao make me want to drop everything I'm doing at the moment and run over there!