Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Weekend reading by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) Some weekend reading, surfing the web and things alike are perfect for a weekend when it's too cold to go outside. And it's March! Come on Paris. This is not amusing. But at least it gives you a reason to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea.

•   I'm a hopeless romantic at heart so when I found Jonas' website and his absolutely amazing (!) photos (he's a fantastic wedding photographer) I immediately fell in love. I love the way he manages to capture moments that almost makes you shed a tear even though you're not there and only looking at the photos on the computer. •   For more thoughts on this phenonomen that street style has become during the last couple of years take a look at this video from •   Or read this post on the New York Times' blog about the people who dress to become "famous" in the fashion world (yes, people actually dress up and just walk around outside the fashion shows to be captured by photographers) through street style. This subject is quite interesting to me and everybody seems to have their own opinion. •   If you think I'm a girl who likes her sweets you should check out the blog Sugared & Spiced. Here you'll get amazing tips and information on Paris' many pâtisseries. Of course there's a few restaurants here and there as well but I keep coming back for the incredible pastry posts — bien sûr. •   I'm planning on purchasing my very first film camera very soon, and for this reason the blog I Still Shoot Film is a great inspiration right now. •   I think Vicki and I must have the same taste in jewellery because look at these absolutely stunning necklaces she just posted about. I want! •   These photographs literally took my breath away, the colours, the location, the dress, the light! Of course it's lovely Nicole from the blog Gary Pepper Vintage and her super talented boyfriend/photographer I'm talking about.