Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Working in Bed After spending most of the week sick in bed I've already done both my reading and surfing for the weekend and plan on spending today and tomorrow out and bout in Paris! But for those of you who want to spend sometime at home this weekend, here are my tips for some weekend reading:

•   I adore these photos of Paris by Inès ☆ that I found through Katie Armour. I can't wait for summer! Picnics along the Seine, summer dresses and wine at cafés during the late evening... •   Check out Carla's post on all things French, just in time for spring. Thanks for the little mention Carla! •   I almost fell off my chair when I saw these yummy looking cupcakes from Sugar Daze that Meg managed to capture so pretty. I guess I have to live vicariously through these photos until I can drop by for a second visit. •   I looove when Jamie Beck goes to Paris. It's so fun to see the city you live in through somebody else's eyes. Find out where she stayed and what she ate while in Paris. And be sure not to miss her gorgeous photos of the city itself. Love love love! •   You probably know that I love my little neighbourhood café to bits by now, but it's always fun to read about other people's experiences at the same place. If you're looking for the perfect brunch in Paris I think you should take a look at Milsters' "Où Bruncher" series. •   New York Times lists their "46 Places to Go in 2013" and I can feel my longing for travelling just getting stronger and stronger! Although I won't visit any of the cities listed on their list during 2013, I actually live in the city mentioned last on the list so I guess that counts for something, right? •   I need to try this recipe like right now, this very second. Looks. So. Yummy. Call Me Cupcake! does it to me every time...