Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Weekend reading by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) Here's my weekend reading list this Saturday. Enjoy!

•   This list by Dessert for Breakfast makes me want to book a ticket to San Francisco, like tomorrow. And it's only for desserts. Shame on me. •   Did you know that one of Paris' most famous hotel, Hôtel Crillon, is closing down for renovation during a couple of years and is now having an auction for everything in the hotel? A little bit sad in my opinion but it's fun being able to see everything too. Paris Breakfast takes you inside. •   Going to New York? Jamie Beck shares her favourite eats in the city that never sleeps (unintentional semi riming). •   I found this little site the other day, called Windows of New York, and I'm absolutely in love! Such a fun idea and gooorgeous images. I love all these creative people! And I would love to see a Paris-version in the future as well... •   I don't think it's possible to look any cuter than this. Have you seen this stunning dress (or whole look rather)?! Of course it's Nicole from the blog Gary Pepper I'm talking about. •   If you're wondering what I'm up to in the middle of the night here in Paris, Milsters gives you the answer right here. •   I want to order this book for my upcoming trip to Corsica. Have any of you guys read Grace Coddington's memoirs? •   Garance Dore's writing always makes me laugh, smile or evokes emotions in some way. Her recent post about friends didn't disappoint. I couldn't agree more with her conclusions and I'm so thankful for getting to know so many awesome girlfriends here in Paris!

... And that reminds me: it's time for girls' night out tonight! Time to put on those high heels. Have a great weekend everybody!