Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Details at Home •   I don't consider myself to be photogenic at all and that's why Garance's tips will be put to use from now on! •   Of course the photos from Jamie Beck's trip out to Palm Spring makes the cut for my weekend reading post. I adore seeing all the behind the scenes photos to then finally being able to see the final result as well! •   As I told you before, I adore Olivia and her gorgeous gems. Now Diane is doing a giveaway which makes it possible for you to win a piece from her collection. Bonne chance to you all! •   I've never been a big London fan (perhaps because I haven't been for such a long time...) but these photos, from the blog Park & Cube, made me want to book a ticket to the city right away. I should really go soon! Especially since it's so close by... •   If there's something I adore sometimes (well, probably most of the time) it's simplicity. And some people do it so well! Like Alice for example. •   The New York Times lists the 9 best walks in all of Europe. I've been telling myself to go to the "Paris Promenade" for such a long time, but I guess I really have to put that on top of my list now. •   Last week I told you about a site that featured paintings of New York windows, this weeks it's a site that does New York buildings.