Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

My Little Notebook I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend so far! Here are my tips for some reading/surfing if you want to cosy up in front of the computer during a couple of minutes (or hours — that's up to you) this weekend. Enjoy!

•   I've found a new favourite blog that I can't keep my eyes off (thanks to my lovely Grace). Christine tells the story about two of my favourite cities on earth; Paris and New York, and her photos make my knees week. So pretty! •   Speaking of New York... I would like to book a ticket tomorrow just to be able to take a few photos inside the New York Public Library just like Danielle from the blog Pasadya. What a gorgeous space. •   If you wonder about what I prefer to do during warm spring evenings here in Paris, you should check out Diane's post right here. •   As I said last weekend, I've never really fallen in love with London as a city but these photos from the blog Hjertesmil (and the ones from last week) makes me want to rethink it all... Perhaps London is something for me? London always looks so gorgeous through her lens! •   So far I haven't found that many beauty products I can't live without here in Paris but Garance has, so let's take a look at her list instead! •   A list that always excites me is The Worlds' 50 Best Restaurants! I looove scrolling through the list to find restaurants I'm dreaming about visiting, places I've already eaten at and restaurants that I don't understand how they made it up there among the others... On this years' top 50 list I can at least check off five restaurants I've already eaten at. Only 45 more to go, haha! •   Last weekend I also told you that I love little "behind the scenes" peeks and this post by Jamie Beck did not disappoint. Just imagine getting the chance to be a part of a team like that!