Paris in Four Months


Instagram Favourites

Instagram Top 15 I'm guessing I'm not the only person out there who's hooked on Instagram. I think the reason behind this addiction might be that it's just based on sharing beautiful images with each other and who could say no to that? I love being able to see what people all the way across the world are up to by just clicking a few buttons.

Today I'm sharing a few of my favourite Instagram accounts with you all! It's truly an "Instagram-jungle" out there so sometimes a few tips can help. I find new, interesting people and beautiful photos to follow every single day but these are currently the photos I'm drooling over the most:

Moscerina on Instagram

Moscerina If Paris has the key to half of my heart, the city that has the key to the other half must be Rome (and New York). Moscerina's photos make my heart ache and my fingers itch. Every time I see a new photo I immediately feel the need to book a plane ticket right away. The colour, the details, the food!

Kat_in_nyc on Instagram

Kat_in_nyc Who can resist gorgeous images of New York City at its best? Since I'm not there myself I have to live vicariously through Kat's gorgeous photos. But with photos like these, I really don't mind.

Garypeppergirl on Instagram

GaryPepperGirl As you probably know by now Nicole is the woman behind one of my favourite blogs. And she's also the woman behind one of my favourite Instagram accounts. Her photos make it easy for anyone to dream away for a few seconds. Yes, dreamy is the perfect word for her lovely photographs!

AGuyNamedPatrick on Instagram

AGuyNamedPatrick If you're looking for more New York photos Patrick is your guy. Taxi cabs, New York sunsets, Central Park gorgeousness or his own interpretation of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" — you name it, he's got it!

Linda_Lomelino on Instagram

Linda_Lomelino I've suggested Linda's blog to you guys before, remember? It's called "Call Me Cupcake" and it's probably the most gorgeous (and delicious) food blog out there. Fortunately she also has a very pretty Instagram feed that always makes me hungry...

StefanKarlstrom on Instagram

StefanKarlstrom Stefan is a fellow Swede, who's now living in New York. By now I'm guessing that you can tell that I have minor New York addiction on Instagram, right? Anyways, his images of New York always make my jaw drop.

WillSheLoveParis on Instagram

WillSheLoveParis If you like my Instagram photos I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with Grace's photos as well! Her photos are just gorgeous and they constantly remind me of why I love this city as much as I do. She always captures beautiful moments as well as gorgeous places and lovely dessert so perfectly.

Nicole_Franzen on Instagram

Nicole_Franzen Nicole is a photographer I've been admiring for quite some time, especially when it comes to food photography! Her Instagram does not disappoint. Food, flowers, amazing light and interiors...

JoshChang on Instagram

JoshChang Here comes more gorgeous New York images. Josh captures light that I wouldn't see myself and angles I adore. He photographs everything I love about NYC (shake shack burgers and cherry blossoms included of course).

Ciscolo on Instagram

Ciscolo One of the Instagram accounts I've been following the longest belongs to Ciscolo. Her amazing photos are mostly of her precious dog called Sugarbear. The dog is the cutest thing I've ever seen and her photos take my breath away; understandably it's one of my favourite accounts out there.

FromMeToYou on Instagram

_FromMeToYou One of my absolute favourite photographers at the moment, Jamie Beck, also has an Instagram account that I always drool over. It can be her own gorgeous photos, photographs that capture her effortless chic style or photos from her amazing travels... I'm always a fan!

TheTrotterGirl on Instagram

TheTrotterGirl I love how Eva captures the gorgeous details in her everyday life. I can't get enough of her latte art photos, or her amazing New York photos for that matter. She has an eye for stunning shots and I always look forward to her images!

ElisabethErin on Instagram

ElisabethErin I think Erin's photos resemble art more than just photographs taken with a phone camera. How she does it I'll never know, but the results are remarkable.

Alice_Gao on Instagram

Alice_Gao I notice now that most of my favourite Instagram accounts belongs to some of my favourite photographers out there, but that's not so weird when it's an app about photos, right? Well, as I've told you before I'm a big fan of Alice Gao and her lovely photography and I love to get the chance to enjoy more of her gorgeous photos through Instagram.

Sonyayu on Instagram

Sonyayu Last, but certainly not least I have to tell you about Sonyayu's Instagram account that I stumbled over not too long ago. Her photos could be some of the loveliest photos I've ever seen. The way she uses colours, food and flowers — it's simply too gorgeous for words.