Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Pink Flowers at Home •   I know that the Cannes film festival is over but I can't seem to let it go. I blame Jamie Beck's photographs. Through these photos, day 1, day 2 and day 3, you can almost pretend like you're there yourself. And don't miss out on her gorgeous photographs of Cara Delevingne while in Cannes! •   I'm pretty sure this site can be described with one word; drool. •   Yes I love colour and patterns and eye-catching things, but there's something special about a clean and pretty simple look too. And nobody does that batter than Alice, one of my favourite photographers as well. •   Istanbul has never been a city that I've had high up on my "to visit" list but after seeing Christine's beautiful photographs of the city I might have to rethink it... Here you'll find part I and part II, pretty right? •   Before I left for Corsica a couple of weeks ago I met up with some friends at Café Pinson for brunch. Let's just say that I left hungrier than when I arrived there in the first place. Milsters can explain more about our very unpleasant experience here. •   Have you ever seen anything prettier than this? I mean come on, lilacs and sugar?! Of course it's the prettiest (and sweetest) combination ever. •   I usually get a lot of questions about how and what to pack for an upcoming trip (most often to Paris, bien sûr) but if this post didn't satisfy your needs I hope this one will. Wendy is now officially the "master packer" in my opinion. •   For procrastinating, simply dream away  for a while or just to get some inspiration I always make sure to stop by this blog every now and then.

I also want to tell you that the winner of the Paris, My Sweet giveaway is now selected and has been contacted. Congratulations to Sia who won this time! And thank you all so so much for sharing your favourite/dream desserts with me, your answers made me hungry, to say the least...