Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading •   This might be one of the most amazing places I've ever seen. Thanks to Jessica, behind the blog Tuula, we get a chance to dream away for a while. I miss the ocean, beaches and bikinis! •   Speaking of bikinis and summer... I want to be this woman right now, captured by The Sartorialist. After a few days with sunny and warm weather here in Paris I really miss the water. A rooftop pool would not be that bad right now. •   I've gotten a lot of questions about where to go if you want to get your hair coloured, blown or cut here in Paris. Since I still haven't dared to try it out yet (I know, horrible right?) I'll suggest checking out Milsters' post about her visit to a Parisian hairdresser. And I can safely say that the result was absolutely gorgeous! •   Need some style tips before updating your wardrobe for the summer or fall? Check out Garance's style commandments. •   A fabulous fashion party + on of my favourite photographers = perfection. Jamie captures the glamour, dresses and amazing atmosphere from the CFDA awards earlier this week. And don't miss the photos from the after party by The Coveteur. •   Have you ever wondered how it would be to pick up your life and move to Venice? Carla recently published an interview with Felicity who did just that. It sound pretty amazing, no? Pop on over and find out more. •   Grace always puts the finger on feelings, situations or thoughts I've been having from time to time and expresses them so perfectly. This post is no different. I'll bookmark it for "future me" for sure.