Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Pink Peonies •   Lifestyle Mirror's beauty section asked a couple of questions about me and my favourite beauty products for their web series about blogger favourites. Yay, I'm so honoured to be featured among people like Peony Lim and Leandra Medine for example. Merci Lifestyle Mirror! •   I love the Business of Blogging articles by The business of Fashion. I especially loved the one about Garance Dore and now I also love this one, with Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. It's always interesting to get to know the thought process that goes behind all the hard work. •   It feels like women are ruling the blogging world out there at the moment, and don't get me wrong, I love it! But sometimes it can be nice to come across a man's point of view as well. That's why I love Daaamn! so much. Beautiful design, beautiful photos and always very, very stylish. •   For more beautiful photo you can always check out my favourite page on Flickr. I can never get enough of pretty pictures! •   Paris has taught me a lot. Being able to dine alone is one of those lessons. It's not always easy but it's something I'm determined to do every now and then. You can read more about my dining solo experience and my best tips if you want to feel comfortable in this situation on the HiP Paris Blog. •   After a very cold and rainy spring in Paris I don't feel very eager to bare it all in a bikini in Italy during the summer... Perhaps I should give one of these products a go? Ah, but no... I think I'm too scared to mess it up. Even with Garance Doré's great tips! •   I've gotten a lot of questions about my camera equipment lately. I've told you all about it before so I'm not going to bore you with that again, but here you can find the previous post I did about my camera. •   Thunderstorms and rain has come and gone all week... When it's pouring outside I like to dream away to a sunnier and much warmer place. Like this for example. Thank you Alix behind The Cherry Blossom Girl for the escape!