Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Pretty Pink Peonies I can't get enough of these beautiful Peonies. I buy waay too many of them, but it's impossible not to!

•   If anybody out there is heading to Stockholm during the next couple of months I think you should take a look at David Lebovitz's guide to my hometown. He mentions a lot of very good places that you shouldn't miss during your stay, and a few ones I don't necessarily agree with (I've never had herring in my life for example, haha) but he sums it up very well! Although this is my favourite place. Thank you David! •   Yum is the only word I can think of when seeing this. Linda's recipes are always the best! •   Condé Nast Traveler lists the best new restaurants in Paris right now. I've been to two of them: Semilla and Auberge Flora. They both serve solid and delicious food for sure, but are they my favourites so far? Nah... Unfortunately not. But absolutely worth a visit! •   I want to look like this every time it rains from now on. Isn't Alix the cutest thing you've ever seen? •   During certain days I'm busier than others, and during those days I might not have time for a proper blog post, but you can still find me and Paris in Four Months on Facebook and Instagram! •   Have you seen Localers' new video? It's so adorable, good job guys! •   Today is the first day of La Tour de France and the race is actually beginning in Corsica where I vacationed a couple of weeks ago! I'm not a big sports fan but when I saw these prints, featured on Anne's blog I just had to share them.