Paris in Four Months


Italian Update

Postcards in San Felice Circeo Bad internet connection, sunny days and late nights have made it hard to give you guys an update, so here's a little summery:

Where am I? On vacation in Terracina, a little town south of Rome in Italy. Where am I staying? At my favourite Hotel Poseidon. How do I spend my days? On a sunbed with the ocean a few meters in front of my feet. What am I eating? A lot of ice cream, watermelon and delicious Italian pizza. Yum! Current obsession? Light and easy beach dresses and an Italian pastry called "bomba". Yes, it's as dangerous as it sounds. Tonight's plans? Dinner with awesome friends on a gorgeous terraceWhat's next? On Friday I'm leaving the beach behind to explore Rome for a couple of days. Can't wait!

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