Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Allt för din skull av Christina Stielli The photo above is of my mother's second book that she finally received yesterday! It's called "Allt för din skull" (in English that would be something like "Everything for your sake") and it will be out in Swedish bookstores in the beginning of September. I couldn't be happier for her or more proud! To find out more about the book you can click here (or see the English version here using Google translate). Yay, congrats to my amazing mom! So now you know what I'll be reading this weekend, but otherwise I would be scrolling through these links:

•   This set of photos, by the very talented Shini Park, makes me want to book a one way ticket to London immediately! Just for the tea and lovely sweets of course. •   Have you found your signature scent yet? It can be really tricky, but luckily I've found two that I simply adore and have been using for quite sometime now, "Chanel Eau Fraîche" by Chanel and "Un Jardin sur le Toit" by Hermès. The Beauty Department might be able to help you find your signature scent with this post. •   Alix behind the blog The Cherry Blossom Girl recently went to Reykjavik. I've never been so I was very excited to look through her beautiful photos. •   Speaking of beauty... Now you can find what's in my make-up bag on the blog The Glossy Guide. Thank you for the lovely feature! •   Before I met up with the lovely Nicole in Paris she had already been in the city for a few days with her (also blogging) friends Jessica and Zanita. If you miss Paris while I'm on vacation you can hop on over to their blogs to enjoy the city a little bit more. Here you'll find a couple of Jessica's beautiful photos, and here you'll find Zanita's gorgeous shots. •   In the spirit of summer you can look through the archives of Vogue to find photos and illustrations of the bathing suits throughout the years. •   The lovely Sivan Askayo asked me to be a part of a series called "Window or Aisle" on her blog and of course my answer was yes! Sivan is a very talented photographer and writer who travels the world and shares her amazing experiences with us all on her blog. Hope you'll enjoy! •   These photos that I found through the lovely Katie Armour and her blog The Neo-Traditionalist makes me urge for fall in Paris. I never ever want the summer to end (!) but the end of vacation also means Paris-time for me, yay!