Paris in Four Months


Answers, Part I


Remember that you got the chance to ask me anything you wanted last week? Today I'm sharing the first part of answers with you all. I've divided up the answers in five different parts not to overwhelm you, but let's start out with the categories food & sweets and style & beauty!

Your favourite restaurants in Paris? Right now (the list changes from time to time of course) I love going to Verjus Wine Bar, Frenchie To Go, Nanashi (the one in the 3rd arrondissement) and Merci for lunch and to Thoumieux, La Briciola, Le Camion Qui Fume and Semilla for dinner.

Best restaurant for a romantic evening? My favourite restaurant for this type of occasion is Le Violon d'Ingres. It's a little bit pricier but the food is heavenly and the service amazing. But it would work just as great for a special evening out with friends or family, it's just a lovely place.

Ladurée or Pierre Hermé? Overall it's Pierre Hermé. But for the cute packaging and an occasional pistachio or caramel macaron every now and then it's Ladurée. Although my favourite shops for macarons have to be Café Pouchkine, Hugo & Victor and Sadaharu Aoki.

How do you stay in shape while living in Paris? My honest answer? I don't… There's too many new things to taste and there's so many things that I just want to keep eating over and over again. Yes, I do a lot of walking here in Paris, but that's not going to keep those macarons and pastries completely off. I need to find a balance since I'm never giving up on my dear sweets!

Your favourite places for something sweet in Paris?Sadaharu Aoki (for their unbelievable caramel tart, cream filled choux and their caramel and raspberry macarons), Café Pouchkine (for their amazing vanilla croissant and macarons), Hugo & Victor (for their macarons), Pierre Hermé (for their macarons and pastries, I once had an incredible hazelnut mille-feuille), Ladurée (for their French toast and cute boxes), Carette (for their raspberry tart and their macarons), L'Éclair de Génie (for super cute and tasty éclairs), Comme à Lisbonne (for the Portuguese Nata pastry), Berthillon, Pozzetto, Grom and Amorino (for ice cream), Jacques Genin (for delicious caramels and a lovely afternoon tea salon), The Broken Arm and Télescope Café (for their light-as-air cheesecake), Odette (for cream puffs), Sugar Daze (for yummy American cupcakes), Eric Kayser (for typical boulangerie treats), Patrick Roger (for chocolates) and La Manufacture de chocolat Alain Ducasse (for chocolates).


Favourite pharmacy products from Paris? My favourite items from the Parisian pharmacies are shampoo and conditioner by Rene Furterer, lip balm by Dermophil, nail polish by Mavala and facial SPF cream by Avène. I'm sure there's a million other things I haven't even got around to trying out yet.

Where do you buy beauty products in Paris? I either go to a pharmacy, Sephora or one of the department stores, preferably Le Bon Marché.

Your favourite boutiques for clothing in Paris? Maje, Sandro, Gerard Darel, Vanessa Bruno, Comptoir des Cotonniers and if nothing else works I always stop by Massimo Dutti.

How would you describe your personal style? I love a bunch of different styles but I've come to realise that I'm probably never going to be the girl who dresses in cool biker jackets, black leather boots with Isabel Marant shirts or in super bright, patterned and eye catching pieces no matter how much I adore it on other people. Some people call it boring, other people call it classic but I love basic, feminine clothing with a few fun accessories here and there.

Who's your style inspiration? Right now I look to Nicole Warne, Julia Engel, Nina Garcia, Kat Tanita, Olivia Palermo, Alice Gao and Jamie Beck for inspiration.

Is it easy to get in to Paris fashion week? I've never tried so I have absolutely no idea. During previous seasons when I've photographed street style for Swedish ELLE and PurseBlog for example I've always been outside the shows and I've never tried my luck to sneak inside.

Where can you get a good view of the street style during Paris fashion week? I would say that the Jardin des Tuileries is the place to be during fashion week in Paris if you want to get a glimpse of the whole thing. But just like in New York, London and Milan for example fashion week moves around depending on the different shows and their locations.