Paris in Four Months


Answers, Part IV

The most frequently asked question around here? "What camera do you use?" takes the prize, hands down. So here we go! In this little chapter of the answers series I'll try to tell you all about my camera, photography in general and post editing for my photos. Enjoy! photography

What camera do you use? I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which you can read more about right here.

What lens do you use? I currently have three different lenses: 35mm f/2.0, 50mm f/1.4 and a 85mm f/1.8, see more here.

What camera and lens do you recommend for people wanting to take up photography? If you're thinking about taking up photography a good idea is to buy an "entry level" camera and then upgrade later if it's something you really enjoy and want to continue with. As I wrote in this post I started out with a simple entry level Nikon (together with the right lens), which was more then great to start off with.

Do you have any photography tips? My tip would be practice, practice, practice. You'll learn with each photo you take. I'm no way near the level I want my photography to be at and learn more about it each and every day. I hate every single shot I take from time to time, but that also helps me to improve and try new things. Another tips is that you should learn a little bit about lighting.

How can I improve my photography? I personally learn by watching others do and that's also how I've learnt about photography. I loved studying my dad, ex boyfriend and other people in action. If you can't learn by someone close to you, perhaps you could take up a photography class? And again, practice, practice, practice.

How do you take photos inside restaurants? Do you ask first or how do you go about it? This is something I haven't quite mastered just yet. I prefer to take photos inside restaurants during morning/lunchtime since the light is so freaking hard to work with during dinnertime. I'm also a girl who likes her food so I don't like taking too long since the food gets cold and I too hungry… 50% of the time I forget to even take a photo of the food because I'm so eager to dig in, haha! I don't like taking up too much attention when I'm at a restaurant so I just try to take the photos I want quietly, fast and without much "staging" going on. Hopefully I can summon the courage and actually stand up, walk around the place and perhaps even ask to get a peek inside the kitchen someday.

What do you prefer to photograph? Streets? Sweets? People? Before I preferred to photograph streets and especially cities but ever since I got the chance to shoot people I've discovered my love that too. Of course it helps if your subject is utterly gorgeous! Fashion photography is something that I think I would love to do more of.

Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG? I've tried shooting in JPEG, I've tried shooting in RAW and I've tried shooting in both. Right now I only shoot in RAW but before, when I started out, I used to shoot a lot in JPEG as well. Shooting in RAW is definitely not a must if you're just getting into photography and find all the terms and settings too confusing. I think shooting in RAW comes naturally once you advance in photography and post editing.

How do you take good photos of window displays? I actually get this question a lot but unfortunately I don't really have a great answer to it. I usually just move around until I find a good angle, with a minimum amount of reflections, and then try to get my shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to delete the photo when I get home and see it on the computer screen. Something that could help is also a polarisation filter for your lens.

How do you carry your camera? What bag do you use? I actually don't have any kind of camera bag for my equipment, I usually just carry everything in my handbag. I know, I know, it's not the best solution in the world but I'm not carrying around a backpack wherever I go just because I want to take a couple of photos. So far a regular handbag has been working great, although if you have any good tips for a beautiful camera bag, you're more than welcome to send them my way!

Do you usually carry more than one lens with you? When I walk around Paris or just taking photos for myself I usually only carry one lens with me and that's just because I think it gets pretty heavy otherwise. The 50mm works for almost anything when I'm strolling around different cities, but if I'm on a job, or doing a specific photo-shoot I bring the lenses that I think I'm going to need for the type of job.

How do you edit your photos? I always edit my photos before I put them up on the blog and I do all my editing in Photoshop (I currently use Photoshop CC and Adobe Bridge). The reason to why I use Photoshop and not Lightroom for example is simply because I've learnt working in Photoshop since waay back and I find it capable of everything I want it to do, but I'm sure other programmes would do just as fine.

What app do you use for your Instagram photos? For my Instagram photos I use a few different apps if I want to edit or add filters to my photos. Picfx, Afterlight and VSCO Cam all come in handy when I'm shooting with my iPhone 4s/5.

How do you put together your Instagram collages? I make my Instagram collages in Photoshop.

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