Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Stop and smell the peonies by SS Print Shop I'm in love with my new print from the SS Print Shop! It makes those grey Parisian days a little bit more colourful. And I mean, who doesn't love some pink Peonies? Even though I won't have much time to do any weekend reading this weekend I thought I'd share my suggestions with you. Enjoy!

•   I always get a lot of questions about my camera gear (which you can read more about here) and about various photography tips. I've been wanting to put together a little guide for you until I stumbled upon Carrie's fantastic post on the subject earlier this week! I hope you'll get all your questions answered after reading her post. •   The most talked about news this week? In my case it's been the fact that Kate Moss now joins British Vogue as a fashion contributor. •   Due to being lactose intolerant for the past six years or so I've had to avoid amazing cappuccinos and other yummy coffee drinks. But now that I can handle lactose again I've been visiting several coffee shops in Paris during the past weeks to catch up on what I've been missing for such a long time. The TrotterMag has put together a list over the best coffee shops in Paris which you can find here. •   Another café in Paris that will be going on my "must visit list", due to this post by the HiP Paris Blog, is the Le Café des Chats. Yes, it's a cat café.

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