Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

In the Swedish Travel Magazine RES It's always a little bit weird to see yourself in a magazine but a lot of fun as well of course. This time I have to say thank you to the Swedish travel magazine called RES for the lovely article. If you're in Sweden you can read a little bit about the blog and a few of my favourite Instagrammers in their latest issue. While I'm enjoying Rome I hope you'll find some of these links interesting!

•   Paris + Nicole Franzen's photography. Of course I'm going to enjoy every single shot. •   I've never been a big Halloween fan but Alix makes me want to rethink the whole thing.What a crazy amazing transformation, right? •   I couldn't help myself from laughing when I found out that someone actually sat down and listened to every single song by Jay Z to count how many times different brands are mentioned in his songs. Apparently Mercedes and Gucci are in the top together with his favourite this year, Tom Ford. See the whole list on Vanity Fair. •   My second piece for Condé Nast Traveler is up on their website now. This time it's all about coffee in Paris! •   I've never been to South America but looking at Jamie's photos it almost feels like I'm there. Santiago, Valparaiso and the Atacama Desert are all places she can bring you to through her beautiful photos.