Paris in Four Months


Make-Up Musts

Make-Up Kit For some reason I keep getting a lot of questions about beauty tips and what my make-up routine looks like, which is a little bit odd since I don't show my own face around here all that often... I know, I know, I should but it's not that easy when you're living alone (meaning: when you work from home and don't have the energy to get out of your pyjamas long enough for a proper photo to be taken). Anyways, I thought I'd share a few of my make-up favourites that I would prefer not to  live without.

My base? I've been using bareMinerals' powder for as long as I can remember now and I don't intend to stop. What makes me blush? I always finish my routine with the Sephora highlighting powder in the colour rose (I've never gotten so many compliments for any kind of beauty product as I have for this one). To make my eyes pop? I use the Naked2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay and the mascara called clump defy by Max Factor (it's the best mascara I think I've ever used but it honestly looks too ugly to show in the photo above). On my lips? I don't like when a lipgloss feels sticky or looks too sparkly so I'm really happy that I've finally found one that doesn't, ultra plush lipgloss in the colour icebreaker by Benefit is my new favourite (or a classic lipstick from Chanel in a lighter pinkish colour will always do). My scent? I vary between a couple every now and then, but a few favourites that I keep coming back to are Chanel's Chance Eau Fraîche and Un Jardin sur le Toit by Hermès.