Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Paris, by Sara Johanna Illustrations I've just arrived in Stockholm where I will spend the holidays together with family and friends before heading back to Paris. I think I've forgotten how cold it can be over here! It's absolutely freezing. The only thing missing now is some snow to cover the grounds! I can't wait to spend a week or two together with my family watching way too many Harry Potter and Bond movies, eating gingerbread cookies and lussekatter while decorating our tree.

... But first, how beautiful isn't the illustrations above? It's my super talented sister Sara who made this little piece of art. I'm so impressed with what she can create with a simple piece of paper and some colour. It really blows my mind! If you haven't already, you simply have to check out her blog where she shares more of her amazing illustrations.

•   While I'm freezing my *ss off over here I'm  daydreaming about visiting Australia after seeing Nicole's stunning photographs. •   One of the sweetest people I had the pleasure to meet during Paris fashion week was Mandy, behind the beautiful blog Oracle Fox. Not only is she one of the most stylish women on this planet, she's also a blast to be around and I'm so happy our paths crossed. We even had some time to shoot together! Hopefully I'll meet this sweetie soon again. •   Another amazing woman I got to meet while in New York was Evangelie, and her blog is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites! Impeccable style, breathtaking beauty and photos worthy of a spread in Vogue - Evangelie's blog Styleheroine has it all. •   I've been to lazy to add a button for my Facebook page at the top (I know, embarrassing right?) but you'll find it right here.