Paris in Four Months


Happy Holidays

Christmas Eve I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you get to enjoy this time together with family, friends and loved ones. Even though we're still without snow in Stockholm this Christmas (and have loads of rain instead), I've had a magical time together with my family.

These caramels (that we actually made ourselves this year) were the biggest hit among all the delicious treats yesterday, although I wish I could have made this pretty thing as well! But perhaps there's time left to indulge in amazing holiday treats before I head back to Paris? Reminiscing about old memories together with my family is always fun, last year I celebrated Christmas at home with our little pug as well and two years before that we escaped the winter and enjoyed the beautiful beaches in Nai Yang. Gosh, I miss the sun! The best smelling present this year came in the form of Chanel and the most needed one was this (thanks again dad!). If you want to spread the holiday cheer I suggest following in this girl's footsteps and give to the ones that probably need it the most. Happy holidays to everyone!