Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Saint Germain Today I'm heading out to Versailles to drink tea and eat yummy scones with a bunch of very lovely girls. Then I need to get a million things done before I leave for New York next week. Fun but stressful pretty much sums up this weekend for me. I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

•   Thanks to the lovely Lauren Conrad and her amazing team for listing my Instagram account as one of their top 10 favourites. •   Couture week just happened here in Paris (I know, I still can't get over my Dior experience) and it's always fun to flick through a ton of street style photos when they're taken by Tommy Ton for •   If I wasn't going to New York I wouldn't mind hopping on the train to London after reading Carrie's guide to afternoon tea in the city. •   This is exactly what I'm dreaming about right now. Warm tomato soup and yummy grilled cheese, I mean who could resist? Although Alice's photography always win me over so I don't think I could be a fair judge.

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