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Angelina on Rue du Bac Angelina on Rue du Bac

Angelina on Rue du Bac

Angelina on Rue du Bac

Before leaving for New York today I had to pack up yet another apartment and move out all of my belongings until I'll return to Paris again after my New York adventures and can move into my old place. Yes it's a little bit of a mess and no, I haven't had the most effortless experience when it comes to Parisian apartments so far. But at least I got to spend the month of January in a super cute little flat right in the middle of Saint-Germain – one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Paris. During my time in this area I've probably gained about 10kg, if not more so. The 6th arrondissement has to be one of the best places (or worst. I guess it depends on how you see it) for someone with a sweet tooth like myself. Here you'll find some of the best pastry shops in Paris and it seems like new boutiques selling sweet little treats are all joining in on the fun lately.

The most recent additions to Saint-Germain's pastry scene? Angelina and Des Gâteaux et Du Pain on Rue du Bac. Even though the former might not be a favourite of mine it's always fun to see new (and less crowded) locations. And since the store front is too cute to pass without snapping a photo of, you're probably going to see more of this facade in the future.

Des Gâteaux et Du Pain on the other hand must be one of my favourite shops in this area. Thanks to accidentally walking pass it earlier this December and seeing a caramel cake in the window (I mean, how can you resist going in after that?) I discovered this little pastry gem. During the month of January I've probably visited more times than I'd like to admit and the only thing keeping me from going there on a daily basis is that I'm afraid they'll start greeting me by my name and asking if I'm there to pick up "the usual" again (which by the way, would be the le chou caramel and cake caramel flour de sel).