Paris in Four Months


Missing Paris

Saint Germain Pretty Flower Shops in Paris

Saint Germain

Pretty Flower Shops in Paris

When traveling I tend to notice and miss certain things about Paris that just reminds me of home and how much I enjoy living in that beautiful city. I absolutely adore being in New York at the moment, the city is so exciting and energetic – and I love exploring it together with my wonderful friends (who I get to see way too rarely by the way) but a small part of me actually long for Paris a little bit already. Is that weird? It's a first for me since I never really missed home while being away when I lived in Stockholm before. One thing I really miss about Paris is the "prettiness" of the city. Yes, it might sound a bit silly but when leaving for a while you realise how incredibly beautiful the city really is. All the small streets, the history behind every building, cute flower shops on every corner (which I'll never get tired of photographing) and the beautiful architecture are things I miss while being away. But hey, I'm not complaining over here since New York is one of the best places on this earth and I'm so excited about being here right now. It just makes me happy to think that I actually, for the first time ever, kind of miss my "home" a little bit.