Paris in Four Months


Moments of Happiness

Night time in Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) In the taxi on our way home after shooting under the Eiffel Tower an afternoon this weekend I turned to Nicole and said "Do you ever have those moments when you almost have a hard time breathing just because you're so overwhelmed with happiness?". That's how I feel when I walk home during the evenings in Paris. It sounds both cheese and kind of silly – and I'm fully aware of this, but it's also exactly how I feel. When I walk home over the bridges that crosses the Seine, when I have to pass the beautiful Notre Dame or when I see the light show put on the by the Eiffel Tower reflected in the water, the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I become so overfilled with happiness that I've actually started to smile (and yes, even giggle) all in my lonesome. I certainly don't blame Paris for all of it – amazing friends, my dream job and many other things are of course all reasons to why this bubble of happiness exists but the fact that I get to spend my days in Paris certainly help. Sometimes I just feel so ridiculously happy to be where I am right now. And that's a pretty amazing feeling to have.