Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Croissants and flowers in bed by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) My favourite way to start a Saturday morning? With warm croissants and fresh flowers, from the little flower shop downstairs, in bed. We've been treated to such lovely spring weather here in Paris this week and for the first time in a long time now I'm waking up to a cloudy sky, which makes me want to crawl back under the duvet. But a coffee date with some lovely friends await!

•   I've gotten a lot of emails lately about my camera equipment, what to do and where to eat while in Paris, where to stay and how you move here so I thought it might be time for a little reminder. Click on the words and you'll land on previous posts about these topics. •   I have the pleasure of sharing a few of my favourite neighbourhoods here in Paris on TrotterMag till week. Hop on over there to see which ones! •   Any Sex and the City fans out there? Of course there are. Enjoy 73 quick questions with Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to •   I couldn't help but fall in love with these gorgeous shots that my dear friend Katie took of our darling Lauren and her little pup Daisy while we were out strolling around Montmartre that day. I have major hair (and doggie) envy.