Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

SS Print ShopPhoto by: SS Print Shop

The warm weather is finally back in Paris again after a very chilly week and even though we're missing the sun at the moment I couldn't be happier. After spending the Sunday morning walking along Promenade Plantée (which I'll tell you more about tomorrow), eating cookies and sipping tea at Lauren's all day yesterday and meeting other lovely ones for wine and snacks I can safely say that I've had a lovely weekend so far.

•   I'm very excited to finally being able to announce that I'll be collaborating with SS Print Shop this spring! Together we've come up with a few Paris-inspired prints using my photographs, which you'll be able to purchase through the shop. I can't wait to show you more since this will be the very first time that I'm selling my photographs as prints. Yay! Stay tuned to see more. •   Jamie Beck shares a list over 30 things she's learnt before turning 30. I'm taking mental notes and highlighting number 24 (among others) with a bright pink mental marker. •   I'm always amazed by Christine's effortless but absolutely brilliant photographs of the city I live in. I'm lucky to have such talented friends. •   Shini made my heart ache a little bit with this post and I'm now wishing I could move into that apartment as well...