Paris in Four Months


Moving On

Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) So after moving around in this city at least eight times (within one year) so far I'm beginning to get friends with the idea of actually looking into to finding myself a little Parisian flat for a longer amount of time. So why haven't I done this earlier you might ask? Is it because I like living in three different suitcases or is it because I simply adore not having a real home? Neither. Honestly, it's because I've been afraid of getting restrained by something long-term since I'm not entirely sure where I see myself in the future. All of the sudden I've become a person who's scared of commitment and getting tied down – words that I never would have thought would leave my mouth a year ago (oh, how time can change things). Although now it actually feels like I've reached a point where I can't stand not being able to buy those cute little cups for myself, not being able to paint my own walls or not being able to go away and knowing that a my home is waiting for me when I return. Even though I'm still a bit intimidated by the thought of signing my name to something for a whole year (or maybe even three?!) I feel like I'm (kind of) ready to be a (little bit) tied down.

My goal for the summer of 2014? To find myself a little place here in the city that I love so madly, which I can call my own and finally start decorating myself. Of course that quintessential Parisan apartment with floor to ceiling windows with a small cast iron balcony overlooking the part of town where the sun sets every day is what I'd like to end up with... Sounds pretty dreamy, no? Well, think again and this time add non English speaking landlords, mildew problems, non exciting kitchens, views over dark courtyards which allows you to be close enough to you neighbours for them to see you change every morning and flats the size of your closet to the list. Nah, not so dreamy after all.